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How To Use This Tool

The initial results from Saugeen Shores Police Service shown are all qualifying incident types for the seven day period leading up to and including the latest incident on file for display. In this case the data available for mapping runs from Thursday, March 28th 2024 through Wednesday, June 26th 2024. When the mapping mode is set to "HeatMap" the map shows darker colours where higher concentrations of events have occurred. You can change the mapping mode to "Markers" which will show more specific detail about the points on the map.

  1. Choose a date range (from and to) by clicking on the date range fields. A calendar will appear and let you choose dates as far back and as far forward as the data will allow. The default setting is the most recent available incident minus seven days. (one week)
  2. Choose a map mode. In HeatMap mode, concentrations of incidents will stand out.
  3. Choose an incident type, or as many as you wish to combine on the map for the date range selected. You can click on numerous types and the results will be combined on the map once you search.
  4. Click on "Search" and wait for the results to plot on the map.
  5. Click on an incident map marker for more details about how the call came in and what it ended up being classified as.

You might find that some incidents map outside of the area you expect. This can be as a result of data entry issues in our data or from the process of turning a civic address into mappable latitudes and longitudes (known as geocoding). These errors are fixed over time and should not skew your search results in any meaningful way.

Some Important Information About This Data

  1. The mapping data is an extract from our master database for Saugeen Shores Police Service and only contains incidents that meet public disclosure eligibility. Saugeen Shores Police Service won't provide detailed locations for any specific incident and the co-ordinates have a margin of error induced to help anonymize the visualizations.
  2. Incident classifications that could lead to the identity of a victim have not been included on this map. You won't find incidents for sudden deaths (natural causes), suicides, suicide attempts, mental health issues, domestic violence, child abuse etc...
  3. In addition, we don't publish frauds, court process, bail violations and other generic incident types that would be meaningless to visualize unless you were made aware of the details of that specific incident. We classify such catch-all types of incidents as "Police Assistance" and don't visualize those since we are not at liberty to disclose the particulars of those calls for service.
  4. Since we only show a subset of Saugeen Shores Police Service data you cannot expect that the number of mapped incidents (aka occurrences) that are visible are a true reflection of how many incidents are actually on file for the day(s) or time range you selected

Available Data: Thursday, March 28th 2024 to Wednesday, June 26th 2024

This data is the exclusive property of Saugeen Shores Police Service. All rights reserved. No unauthorized use, scraping or republishing.
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